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“I started working out with Randy to get in shape for my 20th high school reunion and never stopped.  I’ll be going to my 40th reunion this summer!” -DL, Marketing Manager

“What brought me to working out with Randy?   I was working out at the MAC and had no idea what type of exercises I should be doing to loose weight and to get in shape. I started with Randy's classes and then began training with him.” -Julie Sheets

“I am amazed at all of the workouts Randy offers to me as a RBX CrossTraining on line client.  He always shows me correct form and it’s very easy to follow along in the workouts.” -LDC Managing Director, Real Estate Services



“I have been a client of Randy Brandt’s for 9 years. When I began training with Randy I was on the most beginner level you could be. I was not strong. My endurance level was minimal, and I had little if any knowledge of where to begin with weight training or proper form while lifting weights. Randy has brought me from beginner to athlete level. I have loved the fact that each and every workout I have done with him has been challenging and customized to my fitness level. When I say no two workouts were alike I could seriously say that I have not been bored or wanted to quit. I give credit to Randy. He keeps workouts new, interesting and updated. Randy truly wants his clients to succeed...he is encouraging and he gives me the will within myself to succeed and to reach my goals.    Since I began my fitness journey I have run 3 marathons, a 236 mile relay race with a team of twelve members, a mini triathlon, and 2 half marathons. One in which I completed yesterday. For each of these events Randy has prepared me. Nine years ago I would not have believed I would accomplish all of these events.  Thank you Randy for your encouragement and your hard work and dedication to making not only me, but also every one of your clients succeed in their fitness goals. If I could bottle up what Randy has done for me, I would hand it out to everyone. Check out RBX Training and you will see what I am talking about!” -Andrea S.

“I have been Randy’s client for 7 years and my body is better because of it. I am much stronger and better toned. Randy’s workouts are innovative, challenging and fun.  I intend to workout with Randy for many more years. Thanks Randy from one of your favorite clients. -Cay K.

“Why I keep coming back?   I keep coming back because I love working out.  I have been working out with Randy for so many years now and it never boring.  He changes it up all the time and is always adding new exercises to our workouts.  I feel that I am in better shape in my 40's than I was in my 20's.   I choose RBX Crosstraining because Randy Brandt 's expansive knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology is demonstrated in every combination of movements he develops. He keeps me motivated, challenged and injury free. My muscles are magnificent because of his expertise. “ -PW Elementary Educator

“Randy is extremely knowledgeable.  One of the things I really like about the class is that you don't do the same thing day after day.  It keeps me from getting bored and keeps my body challenged.   I have a shoulder injury that Randy has helped me rehabilitate.  My range of motion has increased drastically and I am no longer in pain.  During each class he adjusts some of the exercises for me to make sure my shoulder is not stressed.   Most importantly, the class is fun!  I enjoy going.  Randy's sparkling personality keeps us all entertained.  And...he's not hard on the eyes either.   And, for anyone who says that men can't

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