Lighten up, Francis

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Fitness and anatomical terminology tends to be a bit cumbersome and overwhelming so this week I thought we could keep it a bit more basic. Here are some thoughts for you this week:

  • Vitamin D- I read an article in Men's Health discussing the role of Vitamin D in the diet. A study at the University of Minnesota revealed that people with adequate levels of Vitamin D, when starting a diet, were more successful in losing weight. Because Vitamin D is also a hormone, it is referred to as "the body's multitasking marvel". It helps with heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, memory loss, cancer and common colds. It also assists in helping you feel more satisfied when eating, store less body fat, burn more body fat especially belly fat, and less body fat means a healthier heart. Good sources of vitamin D are salmon, mackerel, tuna, dairy products, D-fortified orange juice and yogurt. And don't forget the eggs; the yolks are rich in vitamin D. Yes, I said to eat the yolk.
  • The latest nut research shows that walnuts may be king nut. Eating seven walnuts a day gives you twice as many antioxidants per serving than any other nut.
  • Research in Britain showed that treating a persistent cough with dark chocolate was effective in suppressing coughs. A compound named theobromine is what suppresses coughs and gives your body an antioxidant boost.

Fitness Tips for the Day:

  • Don't forget the squats, they are reported to burn more calories per rep than other moves. Of course if you train with the RBX system, you already know that.
  • Cardio vs. Weights? While cardio may sometimes burn more calories, lifting weights can burn more fat overall. Research shows that strength training burns more post workout fat than cardio alone. Hans and Franz were right!
  • Under the "sucker born every minute" category, a study conducted at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas showed that there was no difference in leg muscle activation when wearing special "rocker" shoes compared to regular tennis shoes. "The rocker soles didn't make their legs do any more work than normal shoes," said the lead researcher on the project.

To finish out this letter, I've included two, top 5 lists. As usual with any of my lists, feel free to email me your own lists. These are just my opinions and you know what they say about opinions. A special shout out goes to PW author of "Get Plexy", my current favorite client supplied a workout list of songs that rocks!

Top 5 favorite exercises: Notice I said "favorite" not "best", as it is this week; it could be different next week:

  • Any of the power moves; power clean, high pull, push press. They all incorporate multiple joints and require strength, balance, and power.
  • Ab wheel roll-outs; you should have proper tension between your abs and lower back to make this work, when you get your form it is a sure fire way to get sore.
  • Single Arm DB bench press; my favorite chest exercise. It makes you work your core, your glutes, and you will discover which arm is weaker and by how much.
  • Single Arm parallel stance DB Row; positioning is critical for this exercise. Requires stabilization and you can really feel a lot of muscles working if you do it right.
  • Reverse lunge on the slide board with a press. Requires balance, core strength and posture control to perform. A great overall body strength exercise.

Top 5 songs to work your lungs and core in your car: When I am alone in my car, I am the greatest singer ever (not true). However, if you are truly a great singer you can give yourself quite a workout in the car (don't act like you have never done this). Here are my top 5 workout songs for your car:

  • Man in a Box- Alice in Chains
  • Paradise City- Guns n Roses
  • Shoot To Thrill- AC/DC
  • Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen
  • Dream On- Aerosmith

Have a great week. Exercise often, eat well and be nice! Shout out to Nick R. for keeping his workouts going even while traveling and dropping some pounds. Good job Nick!