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You Don't Have to be Old to be Wise

Adults and Training

Commitment, dedication, discipline. These three words sum up the ingredients you need to maintain a long term fitness program. Sounds easy, however the consistent application can be difficult. People start a program, and just do not stick with it. Why? Many adults discover with each passing year they lose a little bit of shape, a little bit of strength and have more aches and pains to deal with. As a parent myself, I appreciate how hectic schedules become, especially if you have children who are involved in extra-curricular activities such as sports, music lessons, or other after school activities. This in addition to homework and the daily grind can make it seem impossible to fit in any exercise routine whatsoever. Although this may sound a bit like a broken record, exercise is precisely what you may need to not only fight the effects of aging, but it will help keep your energy up and also focus you on something that is very important: your health.


Sample Adult Workout

Benefits of Swiss Ball and Stability Training

Swiss balls have been used in training and rehabilitation since before WWII.  The benefits of stability training include improvements  in neuromuscular coordination, core stability (torso strength), and balance adaptations. It will also help improve your strength through neuromuscular adaptations that allow muscles to work together to accelerate, decelerate, and dynamically stabilize the body during functional movement. A progressive and effective program should involve the altering of training volumes, intensities, types of exercises, and modalities.  In the August, 2002 Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, a study was conducted to determine force output and muscle activation under stable and unstable conditions.  The article recommended the use of the Swiss ball where the instability is of an appropriate level so that the amount of resistance applied causes muscle overload.  Using the swiss ball or other stability devices can significantly contribute to core strength development, as well as, improvement of balance, stability, and proprioceptive capabilities.  Building a stronger more efficient core allows you to move greater resistances.


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