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The Kids are Alright

I was recently forwarded an article regarding what makes a parent a great "sports" parent and what makes a "nightmare" sports parent. With the spring sports schedules about to hit full stride I decided a few thoughts on this subject might be appropriate. The following study lasted three decades and was initiated by two former longtime coaches.


Hydration and In Season Training

There are two topics that I feel deserve attention. The first focus is on fluid replacement and dehydration. Second, because I watch so many athletes work hard in the off-season preparing for their upcoming year, only to put little or no emphasis on training during the season, I want to discuss in-season training.


Postural Assessments and Flexibility Training

Utilizing Stretching to Enhance Your Program by Randy Brandt, BA Kinesiology, NASM CPT, PES(c)2003

A well designed training program should include many components including, core stabilization, balance, strength, power, and flexibility training. This article will specifically address flexibility training and postural dysfunctions.

The body's basic functions are squatting, bending, lunging, rotating, pushing, pulling, balancing and changing directions. Once you establish the basic stability and flexibility needed to perform these tasks efficiently, your training program can go wherever you want it to go; functional, aesthetic or athletic.


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