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Cycling Hot and Cold

Your summer workouts will pay off in the fall.

Adding low-intensity training to hot-weather workouts improves your performance in the cold, a recent study from the University of Oregon found.


Cramping Style

Is a big cardio mystery solved? Dehydration or electrolyte depletion may not cause leg cramps during exercise, a new South African study claims. Scientists found that cramping triathletes were more likely to have faster tines than racers who didn’t cramp.


All Natural Performance Enhancer

Wearing a weighted vest for you pregame warm-up can help you run faster and jump higher during the game.


Strengthening the Neck and Shoulder

The ability to move the body through space without restriction and be responsive to external forces begins with efficient mobility.  Poor posture leads to deviations in movement patterns which can result in injuries and/or pain.


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