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Then She Kissed Me…..

According to an article in the issue of Shape Magazine October 2010, these 5 steps can provide relief for allergy systems:

  1. Eat onion and garlic
  2. Clean your house, take off your shoes when entering your house and sweep and mop floors at least once a week.
  3. Vitamin C: 1000 -2000mg a day
  4. Research in Japan suggest green tea. It contains EGCG, which is said to block the production of histamine.
  5. Kissing!!

Laying It On The Line

What is RBX Cross Training? What is the importance of incorporating RBX Cross Training into your daily routine?


RBX Cross Training (“RBX”) is a comprehensive workout plan found on RBXCrossTraining.com and designed to meet the needs of anyone that wants to improve their physical capabilities. At RBX, we believe that you can and should workout in some capacity almost everyday. RBX can show you how to build an effective exercise program that goes beyond a 60 or 90 day program and teach you how to make it a lifelong program.


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