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Laying It On The Line

What is RBX Cross Training? What is the importance of incorporating RBX Cross Training into your daily routine?


RBX Cross Training (“RBX”) is a comprehensive workout plan found on RBXCrossTraining.com and designed to meet the needs of anyone that wants to improve their physical capabilities. At RBX, we believe that you can and should workout in some capacity almost everyday. RBX can show you how to build an effective exercise program that goes beyond a 60 or 90 day program and teach you how to make it a lifelong program.


Training is a progressive program that needs to be planned out over a period of time to allow proper conditioning to meet the end result (goal setting). When planning a program and implementing when, how and why you perform certain training techniques is called ‘periodization’. Periodization is the written plan of the progressive training program spread out over time, generally on an annual or semi-annual basis.


Everything we do relies on human movement. The actual movements we do are based on two components: the physical portion, which relies on coordination of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints; and the mental portion, which relies on the motor programs set by the central nervous system. Motor program are patterns set by the brain and sent out to the body to perform an activity. The more the two systems are used, the more refined the movement becomes. However, when poor motor patterns are practiced more than poor form, possible injury can be the result.


The central nervous system does not isolate muscles. Rather, it works in a synergistic way. In other words, the brain looks at patterns of movement and coordinates muscle groups to perform an activity. The physical systems of movement work in two ways. The first system involves the support that holds the joints of the body together. The ligaments, cartilage and muscles that surround the joint allow natural movement of joint. Within the joint capsule, synovial fluid keeps the joint lubricated and nourished. Another support structure is the muscles that surround the joint. These muscles fall into two categories: stabilizers, which keep the joint together during any movement and the prime mover of the muscles, which pull on a joint to produce movement.


Within the muscles there are different sensors, which send information to the brain regarding body position, direction of movement and speed. The information sent is critical to helping the body move efficiently, automatically and safely.


All of these systems need to be conditioned to operate together to produce smooth, efficient movement. If there is a weakness in one area, the result is poor movement efficiency and stress on the body. The way to address this problem is in balancing your workout program between strength, flexibility and core stabilization programming. Utilizing proper programming, based on science in combination with the proper equipment, is a key to success.

RBX uses all of the above mentioned information when designing programs. Subscribers to the website will receive new workout plans every week and combined with the exercise library will always have fresh, challenging material to work with and shape your own exercise program.

Take into consideration the following guidelines when designing an exercise program:

  1. RBXcrosstraining.com is about making your exercises effective, fun, challenging and safe.
  2. The RBX Cross Training approach to exercise is accomplished in progressions: slow to fast: simple to complex and quality before quantity. Always use your best posture and safe lifting techniques.
  3. RBX Cross Training is about using multiple modalities for resistance training, balance training and core training such as: tubing, dumbbells, medicine balls, airex pads, kettle bells, barbells and stability balls.

Maintaining an exercise program and staying in shape can be one of the most challenging and rewarding daily routines you face. With the RBX Cross Training program, we can make your fitness routine focused and fun.


It is work, no doubt; however achieving success always feels good.

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